Monday 12th November – The future of marine passive seismic acquisition 

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8.00 Registration
9.00 Nick Rawlinson University of Cambridge Welcome
9.05 John Orcutt Scripps Institute of Oceanography New Opportunities in Passive Seismic Acquisition
9.25 Yann Hello (Invited) CNRS Geoazur MUG-OBS a geophysical multi-parameters ocean bottom station; a new versatile approach for monitoring earthquakes.
9.50 Bruce Townsend Nanometrics Inc. Technological Advances in Autonomous Ocean Bottom Seismometry
10.10 Giuseppe Marra National Physical Laboratory A global network for underwater earthquake detection using the existing submarine optical fibre network
10.35 Coffee
11.00 Gerrit Hein University of Hamburg A Noise Model for the German OBS pool
11.20 Karin Sigloch University of Oxford Multifrequency body-wave tomography of the La Reunion mantle plume using RHUM-RUM ocean bottom seismometers and global land networks
11.40 Industry Talk Osean
11.55 Industry Talk Güralp Systems Ltd
12.10 Industry Talk KUM Gmbh
12.25 Discussion
13.00 Lunch & Poster Session
14.00 Catherine Rychert (Invited) National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Seismic imaging of the oceanic lithosphere: the PI-LAB experiment at the equatorial mid-Atlantic Ridge and the VOILA experiment at the subduction zone in the Lesser Antilles.
14.25 Hitoshi Kawakatsu (Invited) ERI, University of Tokyo Elucidation of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system of oceanic mantle via broadband ocean bottom seismology – Pacific Array
14.50 Celine Hadziiouannou University of Hamburg Source and propagation effects on the ratio of Love to Rayleigh waves in ocean generated seismic noise
15.10 John Collins (Invited) Woods-Hole Oceanographic Institute The Locking State of the Cascadia Megathrust offshore Vancouver Island
15.35 Coffee
16.00 Industry Talk Trimble Industry Talk
16.15 Industry Talk Digos Potsdam GmbH Industry Talk
16.30 Industry Talk Nanometrics Industry Talk
16.45 Discussion
17.30 Drinks reception
19.30  Dinner David Bann Restaurant 56-58 St. Mary’s Street

Tuesday 13th November – The future of land passive seismic acquisition

9.00 Heiner Igel (Invited) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat München What is the use of rotation sensing for passive seismology?
9.25 Charlotte Krawczyk (Invited) GFZ Potsdam Fibre-optic strain sensing: Game changer in seismic surveying?
9.50 Ali Masoudi University of Southampton Distributed Optical-Fibre Acoustic Sensor: Past, Present, and Future
10.10 Mike Kendall (Invited) Univerity of Bristol New advances and challenges in reservoir microseismicity
10.35 Coffee
10.50 Hanneke Paulssen (invited) Utrecht Temporary seismic networks: Lessons learned and future perspectives
11.15 Fiona Darbyshire (Invited) Université du Québec à Montréal Seismograph networks across Canada: Building on the legacy of LITHOPROBE and POLARIS
11.40 Diana Roman Carnegie Institution for Science Quick Deployment Strategies for Multi-Month to Multi-Year Seismic Observations
12.00 Industry Talk Avalon Sciences Ltd
12.15 Industry Talk Kinemetrics
12.30 Discussion
13.00 Lunch (Posters)
14.00 Sjoerd de Ridder (Invited) Total E & P Inversion of the Earth’s free oscillations using dense array observations and wavefield gradiometry
14.25 Corinna Roy University of Leeds 3D Monte Carlo body wave tomography for mining induced seismicity in New Ollerton, UK
14.45 Larry Brown Cornell University 3D Seismic Reflection Imaging with Microearthquakes using Large N Arrays
15.05 Brandon Schmandt (Invited) University of New Mexico Large-N seismic arrays for applications from lithospheric structure to local surface processes
15.30 Coffee
16.00 John Hole (Invited) Virginia Tech Aftershock characterization using a dense array and backprojection: a quantitative comparison of densely spaced geophones and traditional arrays
16.25 Jessica Johnson University of East Anglia The STAK Project: Shear-wave splitting Tomography At Kilauea
16.45 Discussion
18.00 Close


Lonn Brown International Seismological Centre Improving the ISC Bulletin: The ISC Rebuild Project
Lai Bun Lok Lancaster University Towards a Portable Multi-Megabit Optical Fibre Sonar Sensor System for Deep Oceanic Passive Seismic Monitoring
Antony Butcher University of Bristol Piezoelectric Seismic Systems for Engineering Applications
David Cornwell University of Aberdeen DANA: Dense Array for Northern Anatolia
Tom Garth University of Oxford Complimenting global earthquake locations at the ISC with full waveform depth constraints
Amy Gilligan University of Aberdeen nBOSS Network: Imaging post-subduction processes beneath North Borneo
Yann Hello CNRS Geoazur Mermaid: Mobile Earthquake Recording in Marine Areas by Independent Divers to Earthscope-Oceans.
Fabian Lindner ETH Zürich A large-N passive seismic array on Glacier d’Argentière, France: Observations, recorded signals and potentials
Thomas Loriaux University of Bristol Fracture characterization at Nabro Volcano after June 2011 eruption
Laura Parisi King Abdullah University of Science and Technology A dense small-scale seismic network in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (northern Tanzania)
Libby Passey Güralp Güralp Systems New Generation of “Off-the-shelf” free-fall OBS systems with acoustic telemetry
Sheila Peacock AWE Blacknest Broadband seismic recording of various signals at Eskdalemuir Array (EKA)
Cedric Sachet University of Strathclyde Passive Seismic and DC Resistivity Combined Acquisitions and Comparisons for the Assessment of a Pier
Peidong Shi University of Leeds Automatically detecting and locating induced and natural earthquakes using multichannel coherency migration
David Shorey Nanometrics Induced Seismicity Monitoring for Industrial Applications
Jonathan Singh University of Edinburgh Estimating seismic velocity changes and relative source locations simultaneously from coda wave interferometry
Simon Stähler ETH Zürich Beyond InSight: Ocean-generated seismic signals elsewhere in the Solar System
David Thompson Cardiff University Testing the limits of Virtual Deep Seismic Sounding via new crustal thickness estimates of the Australian continent
Anna Williams University of Bristol Microseismic monitoring with fibre-optic cables
Xin Zhang University of Edinburgh 3D Monte Carlo Surface Wave Tomography
Youqian Zhao University of Edinburgh Locating Clusters of Seismic Sources with a Single-component Seismic Receiver